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Project Management

EAM – Implementation Feasibility Assessment Plan:









Our four areas of expertise

These are some of the services that are most often requested by our clients.

Structured process and thorough study assessment to identify business objectives, requirements and needs to evaluate the most optimal Enterprise Asset Management Strategy and Solution.

EAM – Project Implementation Plan:

Complete implementation plan to successfully implement the business objectives, needs, requirements and Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

Structured assessment study of the current business objectives, requirements and needs with a complete utilization evaluation of the Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

EAM – Post Implementation Review Plan:

For clients that have implemented and want to graduate to the next level, or have partially implemented and want to maximize their Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

EAM – Continuous Improvement Plan:

Business Consulting

EAM – Implementation and Optimization Programs:

Strategies and Plans to successfully implement the client’s :

  1. Asset Management

  2. Work Force Management

  3. Parts and Stores Inventory Management

  4. Procurement, Contract Purchase Management

  5. Operational Controls

  6. Regulatory Compliance Management.

Business Management Process Design:

In depth review of current processes and practices, the necessary analysis and comparison to industry best practices that identify and define the most optimal solutions for the client.

A analytical approach of benchmarking current performance, defining and and developing the Key Performance Indicator Scorecard Dashboard that will measure the organizations performance, inclusive of industry best practice these defined metrics will enable the client to manage those critical goals and objectives.

Performance Management:
Standard Operating Procedure Management:

Coordinated effort that defines standard operating and critical procedures that successfully drives the Business Processes, Enterprise Asset Management, Reliability Program and Compliance Requirements for the client.

The ability for the client to define a customized set of requirements that our Business Management Professionals can assist with.

Client Custom Business Management Consulting:
EAM Installation, Upgrade and Patching Services:

Technical Solutions

Clients requiring assistance to install the EAM software, manage version upgrades and install patch releases.

EAM – In Application Custom SQL Scripting Services:

Customized FLEX-SQL, INBOX and KPI queries statements, scripts, data loading, and application customization that enforce business rules and empower the EAM dashboard INBOX and/or KPI Management Center.

EAM – Advanced Report Writing Services:

A Service that is provided remotely or onsite to assist clients that require the modification of current reports and/or defining and developing custom report requirements..

Custom interfacing solutions for the Enterprise Asset Management System for data exchange with external information technology solutions such as ERP, HCM, GIS, SCADA and other external data sources to optimize data interchange and maximize data accuracy.

EAM – Interface Design and Development Services:

Data Management

Field Asset Data Collection and Tagging Services:

The cost effective and efficient data collection and tagging service gives clients the ability ensure that critical asset profile data are collected accurately and tagged properly.

Inventory Storeroom Set up and Tagging Services:

The cost effective and efficient data collection and tagging service gives clients the ability ensure that inventory stores parts data are collected accurately and tagged properly.

Data Conversion Services:

Where client’s require the need to convert data from an unfavorable state, other database sources so that it cleans and aligned for their Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

All our data management process is structured to cleans, normalized, and catalogue data’s so that data is aligned properly and loaded into the clients Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

Data Entry Services:

Where client’s require supplemental staff augmentation to manually enter data’s into their Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

Data Analytics

Effective data analysis helps businesses of all sizes to save money, see the bigger market trends and streamline internal processes. Our team helps you identify the data streams you should be tracking and following, and sets up processes and visualization tools to help you make sense of the data. From one-off consultation to ongoing partnerships, our data analysts are available on short notice to help you steer your business to the right direction.

Why Choose Us

Our solution offer the most optimal results immediately!

We maximize your implementation dollar, minimizing non value added costs!

We are able to fast track implementation, to realize benefits quicker!

We automate where automation can increase precision, and minimize error and loss!

All solutions are aligned with the industry best practices, optimized utilization & maximizing value!

Training Services

Functional / Technical Application Training ProgramsOur predefined training programs are defined and prepared to administer Instructor led training that are provided onsite or remotely to cover the detail for all the following products:


Pre-recorded training programs are modularly defined and prepared to administer enable user training that is developed for self-paced learning for users for the module(s) purchased by the client for any module for the list of products listed below:


This program allows the clients to specifically define the items that they want to cover and how they would like the training delivered onsite or remote for any module(s) for the list of products offered by our company.